About us

Behind this website there is a family of farmers that has decided to offer its produce directly to the buyer, so that they can enjoy the real taste of natural oranges at an affordable price.

In 1968, the town of Loriguilla was forced to move from the Valencian countryside to the Quart Plains due to the construction of a dam. The Valero family headed by grandfather Porfirio, slowly exchanged its grain fields and small groves by the river Turia for fruit trees, and orange trees in particular.

Since then, the fields have grown in number and variety to the point that they have arrived at the 6 hectares and 7 different varieties of oranges and clementines that we currently tend.

Antonio Valero Porter sustains this family business with the help of his three sons, especially Antonio, who is an agronomist.

Familia Valero

Antonio padre y Antonio hijo